Looking for a coder to fix a roleplay on Gmod 13

Hello everybody, I am working very hard on a modified CakeScriptG2. I have had a lot of stuff… And I have get a key for the beta of Gmod 13, I am trying to fixing my gamemode for Gmod 13, but I’m not a very good coder and it’s too dificult to me, so, I’m looking for someone who wants to help me to fix my gamemode. You just need Gmod 13 BETA and a good lua knowledge. And there is some picture of my roleplay:

The new backpack:


It allow you to use the items from your backpack, and you can change skin of the models.

The roll system:


It allow you to roll, usefull…

The vending machine and the new hud:


Purshace a drink…
The hud is nice… I think…


PS: You will be not pay BUT your name will be in the credits! Thanks!

Seems really interesting. I would help you but I’m quite busy right now. Add me on steam though.

Thank you! But if there is another coder which want to make the roleplay with me, tell me and addme on steam, thanks!