Looking for a coder

I am looking for a coder for my darkrp server I will pay :smiley:

You need to say what you need, how much your willing to pay, and how to contact you.

Contact me on steam my username is kibble59 I will pay $10 for someone to code me new jobs and an automatic vip system when people donate.

You missed it.


Don’t bother, the kid just owns another DarkRP server and wants people to code a “buy admin” mod and a custom hud and a few extra jobs because he is probably the biggest tool in the world.

(I know this because I talked to him)


To be hornest i don’t think any coder, would code you a donation system and custom HUD for 10 bucks. Otherwise you’ll get what you pay for.

You’d get a half made donation system and a default hud

And then he’s supposed to code the other half by himself? Seems odd.

I smell scam in the air, and disturbingly a lot of shit. Bullshit of course.

Lol fuck that shit. If your going to pay money for something why the hell would you choose DarkRP. Besides unless he’s planning on spending like $100 I wouldn’t bother.