Looking For A Coder

Looking For A Coder
add me on steam : askagamer

[lua]function hidehud(name)
for k, v in pairs{“CHudHealth”, “CHudBattery”} do --Hide the haelth and Battery HUD
if name == v then return false end --This find out if the name is one of the two listen and removes them if i needed

That should be in “cl_init.lua” :slight_smile:

Creation, you need to give us more info.

Nexus, wrong thread maybe?

Haha, i fail readet the Subject.

  • I thought he wanted a Code! :smiley:

Lol, well that code is still very useful.

Mhh thanks :wink:

  • I’m making my own from the scratch, and i made that so i thought i would be nice by giving it to him. :=)

I Got Darkrp and i want it to be alot more serious. but im not that good with lua. or im looking for a really serious rp like perp or something.

I can see by your avatar you’re the owner of the “#1 Roleplay Community”!
How much would such a person be paying a coder?

I loled at this.

Dont use DarkRP, nuff said.

If you want seriousRP get something like OpenAura (Costs) or you could get TacoScript, CakeScript or if you could change it a lot, Cider.

** Please don’t give bad advice if you have no idea what your talking about**

Why can’t I rate you funny and agree. SOMEBODY FUND IT.

Cider is way better then DarkRP, but you need to know a bit lua for doing it “Awesome” :slight_smile:

could you tell me how i could buy one of those?

Get Tiramisu. Good, free and easy to edit as long as you have the slightest knowledge of lua and common sense.

Cider is amazing but takes a long time to set up.

were can find them?

Google sir?

I’ll code for you. But it will cost.

Ye, let Luke code for you if you want a broken kill me button.

let sintwins code for you if you want a working kill me button :smug: