Looking for a collaborative partner for a Tabletop sim project I've been working on.

Hey, Facepunch. I have indeed been working on a tabletop sim project. It’s early days yet, and right now all I’ve got are a few basic elements.

The scope of the project is fairly ambitious, especially since I’m learning as I go, with the eventual goal being to create a set of boards which somewhat resemble the level layouts of Half life, each adapted into a board game format.

I know that a lot of you hate the idea of someone contributing ideas but not pulling their weight. So to put that at ease, here’s all of the assets I have created so far:




As I say, not much to go on, but I do plan to put a lot of effort into getting this finished in the future.

Now as I say, the project is super ambitious, which is why I need someone else’s input to kind of help me along.

I have put a lot of thought into the concepts which would hopefully lead to a compelling board game, so I would need someone to bounce these ideas off of from time to time.

I would also love to be able to keep in contact with someone who knows a lot about working with goldsource, so I can reach out for a bit of help.

This last request isn’t necessary, but would be nice. I would also like it if someone was willing to occasionally contribute things to the project so that the workload doesn’t all fall on me 100% of the time. I can live with it, however, if no-one feels like doing this.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you like what you have seen. If you wanna put your name down to get on board with this, hit me up on steam.

I haven’t got anywhere to go for the time being, seeing as I lost my job a couple of weeks ago, and this project has sort of been a means of rebounding from that. So my availability on steam should be fairly consistent.

Thanks again, and take care!

Interesting. One player should play Gordon while the rest of the players try to stop him from getting to the next chapter. Maybe something like death run, where Gordon must avoid traps and make it through harsh conditions set up by dice and cards. The others players could also take control of enemies like the aliens and the military. If you haven’t already done it, post it on the half life thread.

As for harsh conditions, they could probably be events such as the power or lights going out, a once loot able crate being locked, a scientist dying, a pipeline blowing up, etc

My inner ideasguy is coming out, good luck with your project

Thanks for the kind words! Y’know, it’s funny, a lot of what you described matches up perfectly with what I’ve already come up with. But the idea of adding traps onto the board…

Definitely given me something to think about.