Looking for a community to merge with AdventureRoleplay.

www.adventureroleplay.com is currently looking for communities that would like to merge.

What will this mean for your community?

This would mean that you’d have to change your forums to “www.adventureroleplay.com” and your server names. (Adventure Forums will probably be changed soon)

But that’d would mean free hosting and lag-free servers for your community!
Your server will be able to have as many slots as possible. But if your server’s slots are unused, the slots will be decreased.


  1. Have a steady playerbase of atleast 20+ active players.
  2. The community must atleast be 2 months old.
  3. Your community has to be serious.

So if you’re interested in this, comment on this thread and I’ll check your servers out!

If you have anymore questions, like our staff etc. PM me on the forums.

Who would want a merger with your community?
Really… So you want people to abandon their communities to join a another small community and lose all their community?
Effectively you’re crowd funding players. Good luck, though.

Yes, let me give away my successful community to a small community, changing my name to theirs!

And I’ll also lose the current 100% control I have, what a steal!