Looking for a control panel for gmod

I cannot seem to find a control panel for gmod that is web based.

I do not want a panel like tcadmin where it will create a game server and install all these other games. I am more looking for a game panel JUST for gmod. All the game panels I have been looking at free/paid all install a bunch of garbage on my dedicated server box. I do not want that.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a web based panel that will run on my dedicated box along side of my dedicated server?

Would like to use it to see:

Recent server logs
shutdown / restart server
see players online
kick/ban players

  • MUST be web based , If HLSW had a web interface omfg woot ---- but it doesnt.

Don’t count me on this but I think ServerDoc pro has a web control panel

Anything free?

You might as well pay for a dedicated game server, you won’t have to host it and you will get TCAdmin.

I would rather do it my self, Learn how then pay for a 60 slot laggy gmod server.

It isn’t laggy if you get it from the right hosts. Ask around. I’ve found UKGame to be great in the past, although, recently some company aquired them so I don’t know if they’re still the same Standard.
Counter-Strike hosting is good, they recently went on a campaign to upgrade their hardware and get new staff, but they’re paying for it by increasing the price of servers.

As for doing it yourself, honestly, unless you have a dedicated PC you have laying around, I wouldn’t recommend it. It is probably going to be laggy and you won’t be able to keep it up 24/7.
As I said, if you want something done properly, you should be ready to spend a couple of bucks, sadly, today, everything requires money.

I have a dedicated server, that is up 24/7 with very good hardware. I am already paying 300$ for the server monthly

If you’re paying $300 then surely you can squeeze an extra $15 for TCAdmin

No… You dont understand - I cant. Thats why I am looking for something I can do my self.

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

if you are running linux i can set you up with my custom control panel that i wrote a while ago.

I was realllllly thinking about using linux but I have researched there is more issues with gmod in the linux os than in windows, I hear linux gets updates later etc . Chose to go with windows because of that.

I do appreciate the offer though, Thank you - goonie goo goo