Looking for a couple Exp. Mature Players to join our group

I hope it okay to post this here, I didn’t see anywhere else that was more appropriate.

We have a group and are looking to add a few more. Our numbers have slowly faded and we want to boost our firepower again. We are all experienced in Rust and play aggressive, we know the maps, we usually win most gun fights, and we all use TeamSpeak. We started a fresh wipe server yesterday so its a great time to join us.

If you are from US/Canada, mature, have plenty of experience, and are looking for a fun group to play with, add me to steam at murdock1228.

I just joined a couple of players today I will see if I can get them to join up with yous. You guys have no problem with pvp killing right and how many people are on the server you guys are on?

Hey, I was actually looking for a group of rust players the other day, I am very experienced with the game currently, as I have over 100+hrs. I will indeed add you on steam.

I have almost 600 hours in game, not the best shot, but a team player. Hit me up.

Steam ID:DustyBones