Looking for a couple of dedicated CCA members (about 6)

This isn’t a server advertisement I just need about 6 CCA members that are dedicated I need one Commander, one Squad Leader, and about 4 ground team members also one person for rations.

Basically we run a Serious Hl2rp Community called Bobos Gaming Community.

We do accept donations in the following format if you wish to make one in the thread.

*CCA -Recruit 10-Dollars.

----*5k Tokens -5-Dollars.

Blackmakert/Businness/CWU one of thoose is 3-Dollars.

Prices are in canadian dollars im not providing a link Because its not what the thread is about.

We really need Dedicated CCA members I can trust you must have been a previous CCA to get the commander or Squad Leader Positions, I will take serious roleplayers into Normal CCA.

I need the following


You have failed before even setting out.

^ how so

I Fucking lol’d right there. Okay One, Are you using that piece of shit Kiwi which is a rip of a bunch of other gamemodes or are you using something like the actual Cakescript.

Another point. Why the fuck would you want to sell Flags. Its like some mingebag decides to buy all of the above then whenever no ones on minge the fuck out of everything. Lets just leave it at this.


I’ll be a CCA but i’m not donating… lols

AGE: 18
STEAMNAME: sickjitz
NAME IRL: Coliah Ortiz
IC NAME: Coliah Ortiz
Server you play on (name): None atm
GAMEMODE: CakeScript

cakescript represent :respek:

Still looking guys…

Remove the fucking Flags you need to buy, it’ll make your server crash and burn horribly.

You don’t need to purchase CCA, if you want to be a recruit and don’t want to build up trust ect then buy recruit and ATTEMPT to be the real thing, if you fail testing my ten bux ha ha!

Your methods of running a community are absolutely retarded.

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Now who is gonna moderate that? O_o

you’re a greedy one

Beggers can’t be choosers, and I’m not paying 10 bucks.

Me. :v:

Im not asking people to fucking donate, im saying I need some CCA members im saying people could donate for training ect.


Oh and you have to Donate for training? What the fuck?

And so the circle of life goes on…

Shut The fuck up you make no sense Im looking for people who want to be CCA I have 5 positions, and I need them filled after they are filled Ill accept people who want a shot at being cp they will then donate get training IF They fail its my money, for the server, im not asking people to buy CP HERE!!

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Fuck this, you aren’t getting any more chances.

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