Looking for A custom Pointshop in CSS and GMOD Multi-Game mode.

Hi, my name is Carsson and I am the Co-Owner of a Garry’s Mod server named Forbidden Oblivion and the actual owner of the server is named DJ_Sky. So, we are looking for a coder to code a custom Multi-Game Mode pointshop. Later in September by the end of this year we will be getting a CSS server so we would like to make it globally through CSS and GMOD. We understand that this will take alot of work but we are willing to pay money to do this; but right now we have a DarkRP server and a Deathrun server on Garry’s Mod. If you would like to take a look at out forums go to forbiddenoblivion.ca <---- thats the website. Also, in the point shop we need a couple diferent tabs at the top we are going to need a tab for the forums of forbidden Oblivion, we are going to need a youtube channel tab and a admin tab. So, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this if you would like to contact me or the owner looks us up on steam my name is {FO}Carsson and the owners name is {FO}{O}DJ_Sky and we could talk about whats going on. Thank you.

FYI. Panels are not even possible in css.

Ok if thats the case then make it just globally for garry’s mod.

We’ll get right to it!

We are also making a Jailbreak server and a winter survival server at this point.

Let me be honest with you.
I doubt anyone really care about your community.

If you want a job done, go to coderhire.com.

Thank you very much I shall check it out.

I have a nice pre made shop that I don’t use anymore for gmod…
I’m willing to sell it.

Just add me if your interested.