Looking for a dark rp map

Looking for a unique dark rp map I was wondering if anyone can make me one I have a 20 slot server I dont want it to be to big because I only have a 20 slot server I will be paying $20 for it.

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I will be offering more if the map is really good

Rp_Genova is coming out soon, perhaps a week off.
Maybe you’ll be interested in it.


Also, I’d say most mappers look for a sketch-up of this map, and the price varies per-mapper, but the higher you pay, the better the map.

I’ll give it to you easy before all the dumb ratings come rolling in.

Paying for a map is not a good idea, especially a sum as low as $20. Think about how much work goes into a map, hundreds of hours if it’s a decent one, even if you payed them minimum wage it would be loads more than $20.

Secondly you need to post map requests in the subforum here; http://www.facepunch.com/forums/254-Requests

You also need to give specifics on the map when posting a request. What style/environment do you want it to be set in, what kind of buildings, stores, how many houses etc ( since this is an RP map you want. )

It’s a shame nobody ever learns that paying for a map is not a good idea since the kind of people who make these threads never lurk beforehand, but I can’t say I don’t blame you, and sadly this will keep happening.