Looking for a DarkRP developer.

Hello all! My name is willsage and I’ve been having some trouble with my developer. I am looking for a good hardworking developer that can help me with a DarkRP server.
If you are willing I will be very happy! You just need to know these things below.

  1. LUA scripting

  2. Alot of the good DarkRP plugins.

  3. You need a mic

  4. You need to know allot about DarkRP (jobs, models, etc…)

My website (brand new) is here www.battlereadygaming.com

You will also get the developer rank. Please post if you are interested and send me a email at battlereadygaming@gmail.com Thank you!

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So… are you offering any money, or just a rank?
I can tell you that 99.9% of all people won’t spend their time developing for a server that only gives them a developer rank in return.