Looking for a DarkRP Server!

Hello, I’m currently looking for a good DarkRP community! :slight_smile:
I have tried to look for it myself, but I didn’t find what I was looking for!

What I am looking for is…

An active community, with both server and forum.
An experienced staff.
Unique features.
Map doesn’t really matter.
Not a big fan of servers with wiremod and all that advanced shit, but wouldn’t hurt if the server is good! :smiley:
Noob friendly (I mean good support for beginners, with both help from the staff and ingame rules list).
Well, just a good old DarkRP, not too advanced, but not too normal. Hehe… :stuck_out_tongue:



In this server the players are good people have making movies studios and stuff its vary fun i love it !!! Forums www.shotguncrew.com/Forums P.S im The owner

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we have a bank mod in dev new updates every week and active admins im on every day like 24/7 so are some of my admins.

You know you fail when you can’t even link your own website. That’s what you get for using capitalized directories without .htaccess rerouting.

Anyway: Why DarkRP? Be more general; you’ll be pleased with the results that are out there outside of DarkRP.

Well the link to the SGC forums are www.shotguncrew.com/Forums

Deprehensio, I didn’t ask for your questions. I like DarkRP, and I’m looking for a DarkRP server… Srsly

I will check it out Steampunk, thanks! :slight_smile: