Looking For a DarkRp

I cant find any good dark rps around like ones with a bunch of jobs already on them. can somebody give me a link to any dark rps? or an svn?

Svn? are you planning on starting your own server or something?
If the server doesnt have many different jobs then all you can do is find another server. Its the choice of the server owner which jobs to include.
You can always ask the owner to include more, but don’t expect them to abide…
And no, I am not going to search through the whole list just to find something you like. You have to do that yourself.

why do you want darkDM annyway? if you seriously want a good DarkRP server sammyservers DarkRP is good but i recomend CidaRP gamemode.

You wont find them any time soon.

There’s some darkrps on garrysmod.org with preconfigured jobs.

aussie DarkRP based in sydney

this is my darkrp. Its very active and constantly being updated and fixed.
Atm i just posted a few bugs and errors but on the whole its a great new server.

Crypt - [FortuneNation]

Dude, dark rps are horrible atleast do perp if your gonna roleplay, dark rps are bottom of rp, and not very “good”