Looking for a decent community in a NO sleep server

As above, being as I have 3 kids, wife and a full time job, sleep-servers for me are pretty much pointless, there’s always going to be a time I can’t log on anywhere near as much as I’d like to. I have a few friends who’d more than likely join too and unlike me, most of them are actually very good PVP’ers (I’m average at best, tend to use age and experience to get me my kills, amazing how impatient younger players can be!)

So, is anyone interested in letting us know about your awesome no sleep server? Of course, casual or not, there has to be some action going on, just got a bit fed up of the kiddies on most other servers, shame an over 18 rating can’t be enforced somehow! (I tend to find the younger players go out, killing with no remorse(As is their right with-in RUST) but then when you kill them they whine like little girls about how they were “friendly”. Friendly huh? not when I was naked you weren’t, now I’m looting your shit off your impatient corpses, you’re suddenly the one being treated unfairly, befriend my middle finger, it’s going to like you more than I ever will, sap!)

Anyhoo, a community with mature players and a half-decent attitude towards other players would probably sway it for me and the others to join any server, all multiplayer games are about the peeps you play with more than the game(s) itself.

Please let me know if you feel I and my like-minded friends would suit your server population.

Airjam out.