Looking for a decent scripter.

As the title says we have one, but he is a huge asshole with an over-sized ego currently. He is unproductive and so on. We are looking for a scripter that can do all of the basics and more. We mainly need someone who is able to edit and enhance Cake Script, and even DarkRP as we run Dark RP for the time being.


  1. You must be productive
  2. Not an asshole
  3. Always open to ideas
  4. Show proof of your work in a PM to me or post it here if you don’t care.

General Information:

  • You will be given assmod owner status
  • The server is almost always full, 32 slots, we have a stable server and experience in this business
  • Its possible you may earn donation money
  • World War Two roleplay.
  • Add me on steam at ravens84 or Borris Dravoski [JamesP]


I think anyone here needs more incentive to work for you than admin and the possibility of some money.


for a second i thought it said “stripper”