Looking for a desent genie ragdoll

Hey i was wondering if there is a good looking genie model floating around somewhere, and im not talking about the big blue idiot from disney! I’m looking more along the lines of a female genie similar to a harem or Shahra the Ring Genie

… ok.


Is the genie from a game?
Otherwise you’re asking somebody to make you an entire (humanoid) model from scratch, which will probably not be done.

the image i posted well shes from sonic and the secret rings but i’ve only seen her in scripted cutscenes. im looking for a model that bears resemblance to Sharha or something along the lines

if there isn’t any good model i guess im make one myself (good thing i know some of the things for blender)

This isnt the Genie your looking for But it is a Genie…
Thread: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1109814

downloaded already cause of the epic texture