Looking for a dev

I know everyone will be blah blah don’t post threads here, but to be honest here’s the easiest place to acquire a coder and the old thread for it is closed.
So, here I go.
I’m in need of a coder who has the time availability and ability to structure/modify a gamemode.
Gamemode and development will be largely up to the coder, If we’re in a consensus.
Looking for coder to be intuitive, so as to pick a gamemode/ suggest a gamemode and begin development of their own accord after confirmation.
Any extra details just ask.
Payment will depend on demand from work, and how well it goes.

~I want a heavily modified gamemode which will be unique.
A entirely new gamemode, if the coder is up to it.
Unnecessary, if redundant.

wrong thread. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1160575 go to here, and find someone who can help you.