Looking for a developer for a new Gmod Community?

Hello Guys, we are currently looking for a good developer that knows how to use programs for example Lua and that can help us out with a new Garry’s mod community called ‘Roller Gaming’. If you think you would be able to be a developer for our brand new community then just contact any of us on Steam. [HG] Harry Potter or CGreggs or scattaLads Thank you :slight_smile:

I think I may be but what server gamemode will It be?

Yes, for definite it is the jailbreak Gamemode, If you are still interested have a chat with him on steam :slight_smile:

Please, read the sticky threads, use Coderhire and stop making yourself look stupid

I know nothing about deving jail break - only DarkRP and TTT

Actually we a going to do a darkrp server so could you add Harry Potter and Cgreggs on steam please :slight_smile: