Looking for a developer to work with me and completely revamp/perfect DarkRP

I’m looking for somebody with good lua skill who is a nice person to work with and would do it as a fun project, not for money. The project being: revamping DarkRP completely, adding HitMenus, Car Dealing, Trading Auctions and more

If you’re interested just leave your steam name here.

Seems like a community ‘free gamemode’ in disguise. Nobody wants to work on DarkRP for fun anymore

How much work would said person do? Would you actually be coding anything or would said person do all of the coding for you? (not asking because I can help, but so that other’s don’t have to later on)

Either way, I wish you the best of luck with your project :slight_smile:

We would both be doing similar amounts of coding - I’m not the best at lua but I am very competent.

I laughed pretty hard when I read ‘help’, ‘darkrp’, and ‘perfect’ in the title. LOL

Then I realized I was wrong :confused:

1 day ago you asked for tutorials and 3 days ago you asked for help on a basic script. I don’t exactly call that competent

Also if you help him you will be doing most of the work, ideas guy in disguise to be honest. Thanks for sharing that information, this thread needs to be closed

I have already seen 2 or 3 threads on the front page with you asking for help.
Essentially what you are looking for here is someone to code a whole gamemode for you and then you will take 50%, if not all, of the credit.

Also you need to realise that the issue with DarkRP isn’t going to be fixed with nice scripts or whatever; the key gameplay mechanic in DarkRP is killing other players. That’s it. To get something done, you usually kill another player. There are very little serious RP opportunities as a result of this. If you want good RP, then take a look at OpenAura.

(Personally I enjoy DarkDM)