Looking for a Development Team for a Gamemode

Hey Thar,
I am making a Gamemode in Garrysmod that focuses on the Seriousness of Real Life Roleplay. I know Some LUA but not enough to get done a whole gamemode. So Yea, Im looking for a team. I can provide a FTP to upload the files to.
If you have any interest in this contact me.

If you PM me with the information I’ll be more than happy to help you develop the gamemod.


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wrong section.

The fact that you said I can’t do it myself confirms you’re an idea guy.

if you join the team you can be an idea squad!

most people won’t want to help an ideas guy, OP.

Got cash?

Dude, I wish I could comprehend the seriousness of real life roleplay.

I am interested in helping out, I am a returning Lua coder, I am currently working on my own gamemode based on serious roleplay so hopefully a transfer over to your idea wouldnt be two hard. I started the gamemode from scratch and it contains a simple SQLite system and some entities at the moment, a sound idea behind it and I think it is ready to go, anyways add me on steam.

beauhobbs - Steam ID

A word of advice, this is a terrible way to start a post about recruiting.

May I be the idea guy in your team?