Looking for a different kind of server, something fresh or new or not RP.

I feel like I’m going into a withdrawl of fun. All the servers I see are RP, TTT, or Spacebuild, and even fretta.

Does anyone know of any server that is still running a tried and true, or new gamemode.
Tired of the above, do any servers with GoFish, Fortwars, Zombie fort survival (build a fort, zombies try to destroy it and are controlled by AI not other players), still exist?

I remember one server I used to visit would have you build a robot, then they would be put in the middle ring and fight eachother, very fun.

I’m basically asking for a server with a unique, fun gamemode.


If you’re fed up with Dark RP I recommend HL2 RP and Atomic RP. They’re much better, actual role-play occurs there. If you’ve tried them too and don’t like it I have no other suggestions.

Some of the HL2 RP servers I have been on are painfully slow. I prefer DarkRP over pretty much any RP because it is a bit faster.

I meant tired of all rp, not just dark rp.

I do miss the old survival servers that used to be around. GMod online has kind of died off a bit, people only seem to play the same few things now. It is a shame.

We need some servers running some of the old gamemodes or gamemodes that didn’t get much coverage by the GMod community but are fun to play, appealing, ecc…

I have no idea then. Search through each item on the list that you dont know for sure?

I managed to find 2 fun servers so far.

1 is a flood, not what I was looking for but a welcome break from TTT.

  1. Is the build a robot, and fight them server. Just search gb_ as the map. Garrysbots, how’d I forget that.

Because running around on gm_atomic and pretending to be some wastelander wandering the wastes is fun. And then getting your ass kicked by some asshole who says “LOLL I R RPING BROTHERHUD OF STEAL SO I KIK UR AS CUZ I GOT GOOD ARMOR” and then when you respawn you circlejerk with more people around some guy saying “OMG NICE VIP ARMOR” The “srs rp!!1!1” servers are almost never fun. They remove your imagination, they remove the ability to build things, they remove your creativity, they expect you to just run around and have fun with text. If I wanted a good story, I’d read a book. I wouldn’t get frustrated at a book and at least the storyline in a book fits together. Plus, on these serious RP servers, new people tend to be some boring ass citizens while the regulars and VIP’s are almost always metropolice, NCR, Caesar’s Legion, Brotherhood of Steel, super robots, or whatever, and they tend to be better than you in every way and tell you how to RP.

Garry’s Mod Tower used to be fun when people actually used the theater. Now it’s just 25 people jumping around, showing off their c00l stuff, and waiting for their minigame to begin.

NoxiousNet Zombie Survival is pretty fun but there are a lot of griefers/idiots who mess the game up.

PERP is basically Weed RP. Everything revolves around the maurijuana growing. You can buy seeds to plant your weed, and you can buy a gun to defend the weed while it grows, and you can buy furniture to help defend the weed, and police officers and enemy gang members try to take your weed, and paramedics are for reviving the police officers and gang members when they die, and firefighters are for extinguishing your house when enemy gang members try to burn it to kill you and destroy the weed, and cars are for driving to your house to defend your weed.

Deathrun is boring. Run, die, wait. If you’re a death, you just wait and press buttons when people try to jump through the traps.

Every. fucking. darkrp. server. runs. fucking. downshit or evoshitty. Can’t find a good English server that runs a good map like townsend_v1p. The best servers I’ve found that run good maps and don’t have shitty jobs like “thief” or “superman” for DarkRP are French.

Someone needs to revive something like gmod parkour, pirate ship wars, or gmod survival ( the gmod.biz survival is shit )

Garry’s Mod servers in a nutshell.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is where it’s at! I recommend the ECGamers.com servers, because they’re vanilla and well administrated.

TTT SUCKS! It was fun while it was new, now its overplayed and overrated…

We need more servers with FUN gamemodes, not fad gamemodes.

Yeah, it’s funny how every server is DarkRP or TTT.
I understand if there are people with no lua skill, but there are many other public and great gamemodes to use.

Lawl. First I was muted on ECG for no reason, then the players kept RDM’ing and the admins did nothing about it, oh wait. The admins were doing it too! Then I got banned for asking why the admins weren’t trying to stop RDM… But if you’re tired of RP, TT, etc… Try Spacebuild or just plain Sandbox :v:

Underdone needs to be revived. :saddowns:

One server that runs garrysbot, forced to make the name sexual tempting… just sad.

Who cares its still Garrysbots :smiley:

ZS maybe? Stonedpotatoes has a good server.

There are a few good Survival servers up.

I’ve seen 2-3 Underdone servers up intermittently

zambee wars just popped up out of nowhere recently

it’s pretty fun