Looking For a Dual Weapons Mod

Hey, I was wondering if there was a mod for dual weapons. I understand that there are already mods made for this but they only use certain weapons. I was hoping to find one that could utilize all kinds of weapons.

What do you mean dual weapons?

I think he’s referring to that one spy mod which allows you to dual-wield weapons freely - it’s even possible to make your own ones.

Yes I took a look at that one already. Do you think it’s possible to put in other weapons to duel wield. To my knowledge there are already preset weapons in the mod.

I haven’t looked at the code, but I’m guessing it just draws two viewmodels and takes the models/stats from each specified sub-weapon.

A while ago I had my coder put Fist full of Frags weapons on that mod. I think the problem was the view point and how they weren’t properly reflected. So I assumed the mod only worked with it’s preselected weapons

Yeah, I would imagine it relies heavily on the weapon structure, which means they would all need to be on a strict base that has a lot of abstractions for handling multiple weapons.