looking for a e2 and wire coach

Hey people,
I’ve been using gmod for some time now and wiremod for a while too, but ive never really learned how to use it. There are a ton of tool that i dont use and ones that i know nothing about. these past few weeks ive been trying to learn how to code in e2 and i have made some progress but nothing astounding, i have been told that e2 is easier to understand if you have a good understanding of wire so thats what im here for. im looking for a good wire/e2 teacher that can help me learn, and any materials that may help me learn and learn more efficiently.
any help is greatly appreciated!

my steam name is MrSuperAwesomCoolPants if anyone wants to help.

Is there anything in specific you’re trying to learn/build? PM me, I can give you some pointers.