Looking for a "earth/world" prop..any ideas?

greeting to all (i pray this isn’t classfied as a help/support thread since this is my first thread)

i’m trying to recreate a scene in garry’s mod however it requires one object…planets (maybe that should be many objects)

i hear that there IS a earth/planet prop/dupe for gmod…but after searching for a LONG while…i found no results

as a last ditch attempt i turn to the facepunch/garry’s mod forum

does anyone know/have a link to download a model of the earth/moon/planets for garrys mod?

thank you all in advance

You could always try using a map that has planets on it, like gooniverse, but that’s pretty much all you can do if you can’t find a dupe anywhere.

Try using a spacebuild map, like sb_omen2.

Or, spawn a sphere from the included PHX models. Get an earth texture online and apply it to the sphere to make your own earth. It’d be very basic and very 2d, but it would work.

^ thanks for that its a great idea :slight_smile:

however i just did some searching…but couldn’t find a earth texture…i hate to ask but…could you give me a link to the earth texture/material download?

Try this.

Or if you want really HD, try this.

first one is perfect

i’m kinda new(ish) to GMOD so i have another question

how do i take THAT image and make it into a material for GMOD

there seems to be a Ehow guide to it but…is it that complex?

I’m not actually sure, as I’ve never had to do it before. Try asking the same question in the Help & Support subforum.

are you allowed to make duplicate posts?..well you have been here since 2010 so i’ll take your advice

Go to help and support, make a topic asking how to convert an image into a source-usable texture, and link them to this topic as context. It’ll be fine.