Looking for a few Friends to play with

Only been playing a few days now and died alot cause everyone likes killing a guy that has no weapons
If interested please no trolls Add me on skype Militant-steve :smiley: msg me for more info :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("read the sticky, use the chat thread" - postal))

Just try and find friends in game. When you see a person nearby use the type chat while safe from gunshots ( Just make sure he doesn’t shoot at you while you type )
If he replies start having a friendly tea party with biscuits. If not and he starts to shoot at you. Well… Good luck. People mostly KOS cause there is nothing else to do, they have all weapons/items so they kill for sport, and to keep “Score”

Good luck. I could be your friend, but I no haz rust…
No friends for me :frowning: