Looking for a few skins for GMOD

What i’m looking for is a poseable Lucario with a working mouth, preferably in .rar or .zip format. I’m also looking for things from Nazi Zombies such as the actual zombie skins, unique weapons(i.e. Wunderwaffe, Ray Gun, Monkey Bomb), player models (Dempsy, Nikolai, etc), perk machines would be nice. The Combine Autogun from HL2:EP2. Can anyone help me out plz?

Bloocobalt is porting virtually everything from Cod 5 and he has already released the perk bottles/glasses

What about the posable Lucario? Any potential links i’ve found in .rar and .zip format are no good. Can anyone link me to a posable one?

I still need a Lucario with a posable mouth.

I was taking a look back in the forum and looked deeper into the threads, but i still find only broken links. Is there maybe a thread in a different part of the forum i missed that might help me?

If you want the Combine Autogun model just mount EP2.

There’s your Lucario.

I already have that one. The mouth doesn’t pose. I need one that does.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Please, i just want a good link. I’ve seen them in the forum, but the ones were no good. I don’t think this is too hard of a request. Oh, something else came into mind. Don’t really think it exists, but is there any battlefield 2142 stuff? (i.e. Voss, Lambert, Gaz, Pilum)