Looking for a free server (Temporary)

Hello fellow FacePunch community members! My name is john. I have recently gotten addicted to GMod again, and I now want to take my chances, and start up a garry’s mod server.

The server will be running a modified version of DarkRP. I will be adding features like an inventory system, vehicles, and using a custom map once we get some players. I love the cityRP gamemode, but I feel that some of the staff members are unfair, and a lot of good roleplayers in the community agree. I want to start a fair server, and give it some features that cityRP doesn’t currently offer.

I have put a lot of hard work into the planning for this server. I have been talking with LUA developers, reading/watching tutorials on how garry’s mod gamemodes work, and experimenting with some of the DarkRP code.

I plan on adding vehicles to the v2d map, and customizing the map once we have a large player base.

I have some experience with GMod server administration, and even more with Minecraft server administration, but let’s be honest, they are completely unrelated. I am fair and unbiased, and I want to create a respectable community for MATURE players of all ages.

The deal

I do not have the funds to do this at the moment. I am unable to get money from my pocket, into paypal, and that is the only thing that is stopping me. This is where you guys come in.

I am looking for a server to be provided for 1 month. If all goes to plan, I will scrape up some donations, and hopefully be able to pay off 1 month of hosting. If you have an old server laying around, that you aren’t making use of at the time, I would really appreciate this opportunity.

So basically, I use your server for a month, and pay you however much it cost if I can. I am really looking for a server that someone has, but isn’t using for something at the moment.

Modified… custom, same shit. Words to bring people in but are the same lingo for “UNORIGINAL”

Theres a bunch of those on the interwebs… And thus not unique to DarkRP…

Still not unique.

Well what are you going to be using before you get a playerbase? Let me guess “Downtown”. -.-
Honestlly there are quite a few decent roleplay maps out there currentlly. I would suggest digging for them and using them. Honestlly using a rp map that no other server uses would atleast be a good change.

If your motivation is to “be better then another server”, your not going to do a good job.
Furthermore Fair can mean many things. Do you mean gameplay wise or do you mean staff wise? I think you meant the later and trust me, you cant set that in stone. Unless its a one man army (which i dont think it is.), you cant assure ANYONE that the server
will have better staff. Staff = OTHER PEOPLE. You cannot speak for other peoples actions.

What work did you put in? Why not tell us what you have done as of now? Talking to developers and watching tutorials is not a promising start.

SO your using Evocity. Great… Even worse. There goes any hope of anything “unique”.
Moreover “editing” Evocity V2d is going to be a huge challenge… mainlly becuase evocity is a broken (and shitty) map.

So you would know that being an admin is going to suck and be unrewarding.

What are you 12? Minecraft =/= Gmod in any way, shape, or form.

Generic Promise is Generic. You THINK your fair and unbiased. But say that several weeks of dealing with children on a rp server left and right you will begin to change.

Or where I leave. You dont have ANY money to start anything, I wouldnt even mind this (since i rely 100% on donations for my server), BUT I ATLEAST SHOW SOMETHING TO PEOPLE.

You need a server provider for one month for free… if anyone even came along on here to help (which is very unlikelly) you aint going to get ANYTHING good. Waging on people donating for… well nothing at the moment is a terrible gamble, and is a terrible idea.

This is a terrible idea and i doubt anyone will come to terms to help you out.

Bottom line? Get out. You have nothing to show and your just being “optimist ideas guy”. Do some real work, or get some cash. No one here is going to help you if all your saying is generic promisies and giving generic content.

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I came here, considering offering you a free server since I sympathise. You have provided no reason for me to stay with no evidence that this “Custom” gamemode exists. If it doesn’t and you ACTUALLY do mean custom then 1 month is no where near enough

Call me when you have something to actually show.

i don’t know why you two decide how people post

pretty much every argument here is dumb

you don’t know that you’re just assuming shit

there are a lot of snpcs that doesn’t mean you dismiss every snpc addon because “but there are lots of snpcs on the internet so this is generic!!!”


again assuming shit. shunning a server purely because it has a common map is pretty stupid.

he wants to make a server because he doesn’t like the current ones available and he thinks he can do it better. i don’t see an issue here whatsoever. the second half of this argument is also really flawed, if he’s running the whole thing then he’s going to be controlling his “staff”.

yes it is what are you talking about

stop talking out your ass, evocity isn’t broken at all, it’s really well made and sgt sgt is a great mapper. you’re trying too hard to seem smarter than this guy.

maybe he enjoys it?

age isn’t relevant at all and if you feel you have to point it out it’s because you think age = superiority or you can’t find any other way to argue with him, don’t be stupid.

you’re also just assuming he’s going to be unable to deal with being an admin which is a pretty baseless and silly assumption.

this isn’t aimed at you, this is aimed at server hosts who have some spare machines (there seems to be a few of them nowadays). he isn’t asking jumped up admins who think they know everything there is to know about running a server, he’s talking to people that can actually help him without acting stupidly rude and condescending.

i don’t think i even have to address this

don’t tell people to get out. why do you decide what people post? why do you decide who posts? who are you? are you meant to be important? or are you just some sort of wannabe elitist that joined in aug 13 or some shit? you shouldn’t tell people how to post if you yourself are a really shit poster.

I’m in a good mood. PM me and the free server is yours.

Why don’t you just get a job at Tescos if you want this server so bad. Other than freeloading.

We get these sort of threads every so often. It’s always ‘I promise I’ll pay you in donations’, as opposed to ‘I’ll get my shit sorted and pay you back with money I’ve earned’.

Like, new wannabe owners seem to severely overestimate how much money they’re going to be making, especially in the beginning period. Honestly? You probably won’t get any donations right away, and most hosts will want money quicker than what you can bring in.

hes only in it for the money tbh