Looking for a fun roleplay server

I’m looking for a fun rp server, that is often populated with at least 10 players, has a decent script (Like gmod rp or light rp), uses good maps and has friendly players (In other words players who dont instantly call me a minge for a simple mistake). The reason I ask this is because I’m tired of Dark RP and want another option besides the TnB servers (I’m Zombiedude101). I’ve heard of many roleplay experiences, yet never felt one like them.

Friendly players have a good one.

Could I have the ip? :slight_smile:

I went on there and got constantly DMed by the admins + server owner. Fun fun fun!

Sorry, its been a long time sicence ive been on it. It must of changed.
Somewhat serious and on evocity.

Echo 2, Terminator And Space Roleplay, soon to be evocity. add me on steam nik6069


Oh and TacoScript 2, actually working, lol

TS2 always works, it’s just sometimes buggy. <33

You should try my server, you might find it fun. I try my best, and if I do DM, I at least apologize. And sometimes I do, I’ll admit.

Are there any good servers that use maps such as oviscity, omgcity, and hometown?

My server (going to be up tomorrow hopefully when i uploaded all the files) is going to be oviscity :slight_smile:

if you want fun

noobonic plauge

part serious(not that much serious)

true rp

there some popular ones

Tell me the IP


Aren’t they on downtown all the time?

Well my server is now running Evocity 2, if youu want to check that out

Definatley RRP (Ravens Roleplay) you’ll need to sign up, as it’s anti minge, but I’m sure your not it’s a really great server though.

Heres the link.

SlackersGaming has good roleplay server and friendly community.
Check it out if you are interested. It’s SurvivalRP at the moment in rp_cscdesert_night.