Looking for a function on inventory

**Hi facepunchers !! **

I’ ve a little question about a inventory system.

I’ ve been working on converting this inventory system with my gamemode for a long now and i’ ll like to know some little thinks


**I need a function witch alow player to pick up thinks from their “bank”. Then if they die, the item is still on the BANK and they can use it other and other.

Then , if they put an item in the bank, the item is save .
If you could help me i’ ll realy enjoy it


That’s a specific inventory addon/system and we wouldn’t know the functions for it

Ok . Do you think there is any way to make this ? Maybe by editing function already made ? Because the owner maybe add a function to delete an item that was putting in the inventory ; I dont know if you understand me :slight_smile:

No, I don’t. Because I don’t have any knowledge over the documentation of this script.

You could try asking the owner of the script, dependant on if you purchased it or not

i’ll try that thanks