Looking for a good community server

Hello All,

My friends and I (4 in total) are looking for a community server that we could join. Our primary concern is being in a server where hackers are not allowed and admins are present. We are moving from US Central 1 Official server. Due to the hacks, we have been completely discouraged and want to find a safe server where we can play with others while not getting AOE insta killed and crate wiped.

I’m not sure the procedure for joining a secure community server, but if anyone can help us out it would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps we were looking for a whitelist server. We are 4 legit players and will undergo any initial questioning.

Thank you in advance for any information



The Big Dirty (No Craft C4+Military|Starter Kit|1/4Craft)

It’s a fresh survival style server looking for some players!

military weapons + kevlar are present, but rare and uncraftable.

we got a good community of guys here if you wanna hop in and try it out.


In game push F1 and type: net.connect
200 Slots!!

Hi guys, wanted to let you all know there is a new server up in East Coast, US. Looking for default Rust gameplay with some added “/” commands for convenience? Look no further, the Rusty Cage completely preserves the Rust gameplay experience while adding a few “/” commands just to make life easier socially. Here are some included “/” commands on the Rusty Cage server, and how they can be useful:

/gcreate Name - Creates a group with the given name! (/ghelp for group commands)
/pm Name message - Allows you to PM.
/list- Lists the players online.
/history - Shows a chat log history.
/share Name - Shares all your doors with whoever ‘Name’ is. This is more secure than using codes to share doors, as it is per user and there is no chance of anyone giving out your codes. Codes can still be used in the case you don’t want to allow access to all doors to a person.
*On this server you can remove mistakenly placed pillars, walls, etc. with a Pick Axe.
Cheers and hope to see you in-game! This server enforces No Hacks and No Cheating! In fact, that’s the only rule for the server is not to hack or cheat. You will be perma-banned by admins, you have been warned! Also friendly Admins who enjoy playing Rust(no Admin abuse!). Have fun exploring the new server and helping it to grow. The server is fairly new, so resources and prime settling locations atm are very much so available! We have a few regular groups and look forward to having you or your group joining!

Cheers, Ebb

Hey there,
So our server is pretty awesome, and the admins are friendly and helpful, we also pride on not abusing our privledges and not tolerating hackers! The population isn’t the highest, but during peak hours it can get between 15-20.

The server is modded with Rust++ and allows you to add your friends so you don’t hurt them during fire fights.

We are also friendly to noobs on the server, and will help you navigate around if you need it.

Admins are Infinity and Deo.

Infinitys Playhouse

Server location is Germany

We lowered military arsenal to make game more intense. Currently low populated. 1 admin and 2 assistents. Using oxide mods: missions, kits. Removar tool is ownly accessible by admin for helping purposes. See more at our website: http://cpgs.enjin.com/

And server is fresh. Just moved from other gsp.

Hey Etravex,

I just relaunched my server today, right now things are quite slow, but we had about 15-20 dedicated members before, so we should slowly start to get people back on. We have a Steam Community as well. You can see all the information about the server here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1363466

Would love to have you and your friends join, you’d be our first official group on the server since todays Relaunch.

Forgot to add address: net.connect


How to connect: Press F1 - net.connect
Teamspeak3 ts3.kraftkings.com
★ 100 Slots ★
★ 50% Crafting Time ★
★ Sleepers ★
★ No Wipes ★