Looking For A Good Dark Rp Server

Hey guys I am looking for a good dark rp server and I figured if anyone knew of one they would be on Facepunch. Yes I know most of them are shit but there has to be atleast one good server. If you know of any that are good drop their Ip below.

Yes hi, You can join my server running a 32 slot server with some pretty cool addons

here is the IP:

My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:67455151

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Its hard for me to believe its good because your the owner and most servers are made for 10 year olds with short attention spans but ill check it out anyways.

Well I was not wrong it was so bad I could not join.

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He deleted his post. I guess I would if I had a Shitty dark rp server and the only way to advertise it is by posting my server on a forum.

Regular users cannot delete posts here actually. So it means that guy got some “help”:

Hello, I am the owner of a DarkRP server that just released. Its called Revolt Networks. Why are we different from any other DarKRP server? From addons and what not we aren’t ,how we are different is that I’m striving to create a non-toxic community and a well managed staff team. My main goal however is to ensure everyone has a good time. The only problem on the server as of right now is the player count, as we just released.


(User was permabanned for this post ("Spam" - Novangel))

Oh ok sorry I had no idea Im kind of new to using facepuch I just play Gmod thats all.

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Not again lol. Its very hard for me to believe your diffrent from other servers but Ill try it like I said too the other guy.

In my server, I wouldnt know if you like it, but it removed FearRP and FailRP. MOTD isn’t really set up yet and theres few jobs. I just started the server.

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Noi’s server (not sure what da name is :v: )

Anyone who posts here, don’t join their server. That’s an instant way for you to filter the garbage.

Although this doesn’t apply to Noi’s server. His is fun.

Yeah its a bad sign when a owner says to join their server.