Looking for a good Darkrp Server map!

The title says evrything do u guys have any ideas ore have any awesome DarkRP server maps for my server ill give u all the credits.
What the map needs.

  • Appartmens (decent amount)
  • Police Department
  • Store’s
  • Etc.

thats all :zoid:

if u have any more questions my skype is tedbie
Steam Name tedbie

One of my all time favorite maps is rp_littletown, however the map has many of custom textures and is spread out quite a bit, so it depends on how large the player base is.
I just wish the map was used more, since the map is just plain beautiful!


Thanks ill be sure to check it out if its an awesome map like u say ill definitely use it

'Ello, I’ve had good feedback about my map, RP_Locality.

(there are plenty of pictures in the thread above)

I hope you take a look at it and enjoy it.