Looking for a good engine to a survival game (like h1z1)

Hey guys,

I’m willing to make a survival game that will have a huge map and I’m looking for an easy and free engine/map editor to start.

Actually I want a map editor just like Hammer. The problem with hammer is the map size limitation.
I don’t have money to buy a lot of models to build the map, and that’s why I needed something free.

Any recommendations?


Unfortunately you won’t find much in terms of BSP for something like that. Arma can do huge maps but it’s particularly difficult and clunky to set up, and doesn’t use BSP at all.

Your best bet would be something like UDK. While it does not support huge HUGE maps, it is definitely bigger than Source, and it’s more clean because it supports level streaming. Unreal also has more support and documentation than Source ever will (the latter has a lot of outdated info)

Hope that helps!

I’d go with UE4, as it supports large environments and content streaming out of the box. And it’s free free (with royalties)

As it stands right now, UE4 is definitely the way to go. Maybe with Source2 it will change, but that has yet to be released.

Thanks for the help.

So, any ideas where to find some free models packs to build a map like we have in Hammer Editor?
Cars, buildings, doors, characters, etc.

With Hammer those assets come to you because they are associated with a base game, like Half-Life or Counter-Strike. With other game engines you are expected to make and supply the models yourself. As they are supposed to be completely bare, custom games, not a mod. The problem with buying model packs is that over time you may not have consistent art styles with all of your models. Even if you can find good model packs they’re very expensive.

If you really love the HL2/Other source game assets, you could always port them over to the engine you wish to use.

if you want to try making something like that I would highly recommend you try out UE4

If he doesn’t plan on selling the game.