Looking for a good hoster

Hi, Im looking for a good hoster with his own server machine.
The machine should has CPU no less than 2Ghz, RAM no less than 4Gb and videocard no older then GTX580 Harddrive memory no less than 50Gb, and the best quality of the Internet.
OS - Linux. I guess, the chance of the existance of such hoster is near zero per cent, but it’s not zero.
So, I want make something like a community. International, multigaming community(Gmod, MC, may be something more).
I have some knowledges of PHP, MySQL, Lua, C++, CSS, HTML.
I have my own web-panel which has authorization by Gmod in-game password\Forum password and login. In this panel you can use bugtracker, see svn logs, write to owners by Feed Back, look at bunlist, members list, donate, chat to servers and skype, monitor servers, do what you want with your profile, look at your in-game character and inventory, and do maaany cool things. When Gmod13 wiil be done, I will write Gmod admin global system for connecting this panel to all servers. I also have TTT with custom roles, cool things and items. But I don’t have a good host and a hoster with a good knowledge of administrating Linux, web sh*t and servers.

Hope, you are a good hoster and do really like it. PM me please.

My God.

Are you paying?

Why in the world of fuck would the server need a GTX580? or hell anything else than the onboard videocard? Only that already shows your knowledge of running a server

Also what’s the payment?

Why would you need 50 gigs of harddrive space?

maps/addons can take a lot of space, my maps folder is like 20 gb

Lol? Just a joke. You don’t see closing symbols?

Why not? I need a memory for FastDL, Web things, Database, Gmod server, soft.
And so, Im not paying. just looking a hoster for collaboration. So I don’t see any reason to think that Im dumb.

Seems like a huge request even for a collaboration.

Have a better idea?
Actually, I thought, it’s really interesting to make cool stuff. But people thinks only about payment.
So sad.

Welcome to the real world, no-one will do anything for free

I would, but pay me $10 a month.

You don’t need anything more than an on-board GPU to run a game server.

Oh really?

Dedicated server use on board graphics chips theirs no need for a gfx card. They only need to display the gui ‘when requested’ and that’s usually when someone connects via RDP or VNC. Also the professionals have at minium 24GB of ram and 8x cores.

Hey, I’m going to give you my dedicated server I pay for monthly just for you to make your interesting cool stuff.

Yes. Really. You don’t even need a GPU at all. A game server is not performing any sort of rendering tasks.

I’m afraid cause inconvenience D:
Is it just a slot for a Gmod server, or something bigger?

You’ve just opened my eyes.

It’s a slot for sarcasm.

Nobody’s going to give you anything for free so I’m just locking this.