Looking for a good lua coder :3

Hello there, I am looking for a coder who can make factions so players can join them ( like world of warcraft guilds).

the coder will of course get money for the job.

details will be told to whoever accepts the job first and I pay in USD.

please reply to me on facepunch or simply add me on steam where im always avaible :)steam ID Epheex.

What gamemode is this?

darkrp mate :slight_smile:

My opinion, people aren’t going to want to waste their time on a community that doesn’t have strong leadership, or one that looks like it doesn’t have potential. Just saying, there’s hundreds of DarkRP servers out there, besides this, if someone makes it for you, what’s going to make it different from the rest. I know you’re paying them, but the amount you’re going to pay is probably not going to be proportional to the work that the person provides/does.

Most coders won’t code for DarkRP :3

Herp derp, I didnt ask for opinions Im just looking for a coder that can do it. not people that won’t do it so if you got a negative attitude towards this then don’t even care about this thread. and Darkrp is a good gamemod and many people would agree with me on that because so many play it.

but coders says its a messy script and so on I don’t know about that since Im not a coder.

We aren’t in any way “negative”. If you want a DarkRP coder, then you’re in the wrong place.

You could hire me, i could CODE a darkdm/rp class for you.

well thanks for the tips whatever. Im going with the stronghold gamemod insted.

If you pay me.
Fuck I’ll make you 50 Classes.
DarkRP Is easy as shit.

making darkrp classes,shipments and so on aint hard, but making group systems or something like that is hard.

It’s not hard, but if you want it how much are you willing to pay?

Something like this?

I understand it looks shitty, but just wondering what he’s looking for.

I’ve seen that before, Is that your code?

Yeah, sort of copied perp, but I needed something to go off of, not very creative.

yes Chromsome! nice work :3