Looking For A Good Lua Coder

I run a DarkRP server custom jobs and I need a lua coder to

  1. Keep watch over the server
  2. Get more people on the server
  3. And code
    If you want to you can add me as a friend here

Do you have a budget? What do you mean ‘code’, code what?

I can’t pay any one but I will give out admin. dev-superadmin, and like fix ulx, its broken for me:/
And mod the server. And help with the perp server its kinda messing up

If ulx is broken why don’t you update it?
If that doesn’t work just reinstall it.
If that doesn’t work you forgot to include ulib.

Send me a PM, and we can find out something.

Unless you can create a super 1337 auto banner for anyone who breaks NLR, or who RDM’s, or who doesn’t correctly RP, I don’t think steps 1 and 2 are for coders.

I should buy myself a title saying this so people get the message: “Nobody will code on your stupid little server for admin”.

  1. In other words you want an admin
  2. you want someone to advertise your server.

and this is the best one!

  1. You want a lua coder … to code! Who would have thought!