Looking for a Good, Reliable EU Host!

As the title says :slight_smile: I am looking for a Reliable EU host, hopefully under 30$ a month for a 16-24 Slot server / month.
Because starting this autumn I will be starting to work more on my gamemode and I will need a server to test on and host a Fretta when im not testing.
So I am looking for a good European host(preferrably a company) to host a 18 or 24 Slot server for under 30$ a month, I can go higher but id prefer not to.

Counter-Strike has European locations and 20 slots costs $29.80. I had a CS 1.6 server from them, which was alright. Support was crazy fast, but I’ve heard that they’re not as good in Gmod servers.

Affiliate link, if you’d be so kind
if not


Also, check the big Wiki: List of Server Hosters.

A tip on Counter-Strike if you have a server that uses allot of CPU time they will disable your server.

Source: PSW:E

If you consider servers in UK as EU servers, plugpayplay.com is really good, and it wouldn’t be too expensive.