Looking for a good roleplay map.

Me and my friend loves roleplaying on my server (its private :buckteeth:) and we cant find any good roleplay maps the only onces we know is rp_hometown1999 rp_hometown2000 rp_downtown. does anyone know any good maps for rp?

Gm_fork’s a good map,

thanks! :dance:

rp_locality is a good map too.

I enjoy gm_aftermath_night_v1_0
There’s also the day version, but it’s not nearly as fun.

There’s also Evocity_V33x as an old standby if you have quite a few people and some vehicles.

Generally any map starting with rp_ has some kind of special zing to it that will help with roleplaying.

That’s why rp stands for roleplay.

OT: If you want a good map trial your server on different maps and see what the players like the most.

Wow, you mean DarkRP stands for Dark Role playing?


I was talking about the map :suicide:


They both have the same RP in them… the maps and DarkRP.

I was being sarcastic and suggesting that it was a great epiphany that “RP” was something that nobody had thought to figure out.



So you suggesting DarkRP is for all RP maps?

best RP map ever, just didn’t get used enough.