Looking for a good RP gamemode

This RP Gamemode must have one of the following
must use MySQL or someone good type of saving system

and it must be Serious RP because most of the people love serious RP.


Why disagrees? You know it’s the best.

DarkRp is the best.

Edit: Yaay, I’m funny!

Mech, the best RP mode was UCRPM for gmod9.

I don’t like any new gmod rp mods :frowning:

RP isn’t exactly what I call good.

Don’t believe people who say DarkRP.

I like PERP gamemode, there’s one I know that I regular on hosted by Exiledservers.net, they have two of them:
Lite roleplay: Runs the original Evocity

Roleplay: Evocity2 (Piece of crap map IMO, they should do a remake that doesn’t require EP2).

Both use custom model cars, citizen skins, and player driven gameplay. Also, data is shared between them, so your current cars, cash, will be the same on both servers.


Applejacks is fun :smiley: but I wish it didn’t crash so often.


Taco N Banana
Some serious shit

EvoCity2 is the most quality map for garrysmod. If you can’t save 30 bucks to buy the orange box, or 15 to buy just ep2, you don’t deserve it.

I have Orange Box but i don’t like EvoCity2 anyway. I don’t know why, i guess that there is too many Urban City roleplay maps. Needs more apocalyptic city roleplay maps.

Mind staying away from the threads that I post in, or stop being an asshole?

Why not believe the people who say darkrp?


Because its too basic, most of the servers run downtown, (without a rotation.) Having to vote for classes (Chosen by the server, but still.)lack of an inventory so you lose all your items when you die (Pocket acts as an inventory, but is awkward to use and doesn’t save your items when you leave the server.) Minges, ooc chat flame wars, random demotes, most servers vulnerable to client side lua hacks and those running downtown are at risk of prop blockers, mostly at spawn. (I prop-blocked once and the massive QQ was funny as hell, and I use Lua hacks.)

Nexus. Nuff said.

My favourite gamemode so far is “SeriousRP” but I haven’t finished it yet /sigh/

It is coming along OK but quality takes time.

Yeah I wish more people would play serious RP it’s fucking fun only thing I don’t like is the roll the dice bullshit without that it’s epic.

I mean the gamemode called “SeriousRP” which has been under light (and now heavy) development since 2007