Looking for a good rp script

Hey, I’m looking for a good roleplaying script, wich should be simple and easy to customize, but not DarkRP.
It must be a serious script, simple to use that doesen’t dumb down rp elements.

Nexus seems relly good, but it looks a little bit too complicated to use

How long are you prepared to wait?

I can offer Cityscript currently.

Nexus is in no way complicated. It is one of the best scripts I have ever worked with. If you can’t figure out how to run Nexus then stick with DarkRP because obviously your a little kid.

I can wait an unlimited amount of time, but the sooner the better

Dark RP Edit!



schumacher posts way too much(no offense)


what ph:lxyz said

Nexus is not so good to peoples with no experience in coding and new to GMod so I could say Cityscript.

Nexus is as easy as copy and paste, go with it.