Looking for a good RP server with specific things

Hello guys. So, recently, I’ve gotten into Gmod RPing again since I have fuck all else to do, and I’ve fallen in love with the new evocity map.

Now, I need your help though, and :h:'s to whoever can help me. I’m looking for a good RP server (serious preferred) that runs evocity and has either lorries or semi trucks, preferably both. An odd request, I’m sure, but I like making trucking/shipping businesses.

I’d prefer it if the server didn’t run DarkRP, but if the community is OK that’s fine.

Love you guys :v:

A roleplaying game based on **Resident Evil. **Is the main inspiration of this server. Running on a edit of kuromeku’s severance script.

The inspiration of the minds of the community X-Hosters have made various factions and many events which bring fun, exciting roleplay to all even the ones who are brand new to roleplay or Resident Evil in general.

  • X-Hosters | Resident Evil Roleplay | [FastDL] | [Stable]

Content: http://forum.x-hosters.com/showthread.php?13-Server-content or download everything (including the map) from the server.
Storyline: http://forum.x-hosters.com/showthread.php?247-Storyline


nvm. didn’t read the evocity part, we do not use that map :stuck_out_tongue: But you shold try the server anyway :smiley:

:v: I’m looking for a server to RP a trucking/shipping business. Wouldn’t really work in Resident Evil lol

Doubt you can find a non-DRP roleplay server where you can have a trucking/shipping business, as almost all other roleplay gamemodes are either in a HL2 setting or another post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Creation Roleplay, currently in development, but the site’s up.


This looks really cool. So there isn’t a server up yet, but the forums are active and people are joining?

Yes, Creation already existed before once. Now they are making a new script.

Thermal Gaming Serious and Lite Cider Two

I can hook you up with anything you need, just pm me. We are the only community that does this. For instance if you want a trucker character I usually can script a decent truck in.

Ya, I sent you a pm for my sn and stuff. You might also see me posting in the government set up forum.