Looking For a good Scripter For my server

Hey i need some to be our server scripter.if your a good scrpiter please add [zG]Link were looking for a scripter who can make a gamemode and some addons (will not get payed sorry i just simpley dont have the money) if you do want to i will give you Super Administrator rights on the server.

You expect people to come script for you when you barely have any info in your thread? I mean Christ, there’s nothing that we can use for anything here. What is there to script? Is it a gamemode / addon / else? Is x person going to get payed? It’s like you don’t really care about it, you just want someone to do something for you.

OP edited his post, but it’s still pretty damn vague.

Its for a shop plugin he says.

… You realize that he edited his post after I said that, right? He didn’t say that at first.

Boy oh boy thats gonna be so worth the time and effort! Yes oh yes!

Code a backdoor. Hide it. Get Super Admin. Cause Chaos on the server and troll everybody. If he demotes you, use your backdoor to fuck everyone up.

THAT’S going to be worth it.

Yes… YES…


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anyone willing to be scripter of the server ?

For the record, I tested it and it worked so Nobody talk to this mother f**king 12 year old.

Or, if you do please code a backdoor it will be a hell of a lot of fun

Look kid, You cannot just get things for free like this. Scripters, Mapper, Modelers. You need to pay these people something for there efforts. So i suggest you go bug your mother for money, then come back. Because free things arn’t handed to you in the real world.

This spot is ideal for someone who is newish to scripting for Garrysmod and needs a dedicated server to try a few things on. Stop being dicks and either offer a basic version of what he’s after or don’t post at all. Heckling someone who is just after some help to try and make their server (somewhat) unique is a pretty dumb thing to do.

Thanks Teddi :slight_smile:

Actually, I really am looking for someone to help manage the coding and content on my server.
I own a small business in Boston, MA and I use the gmod server for promotion and website hits honestly,
ok, ok, and to waste some time… lol.

Point being, you WILL receive a paycheck, just like my web designer or techs would get… (maybe not as much though, lol) I’m not looking for people to screw me over, like backdoors and other piddly games. It’s about money, I get it! You would be preaching to the choir! Expect to be registered with my company and held liable for intentional misconduct. So, you would have to over 18… (read on)

Anyway, its a, (brace for facepunching), Dark RP Zombie Role-play server Called “The Last Days 2012”
I would say it’s moderately popular server, it has been on and off for the past 3 years just because i don’t have much time to update and code really… But due to a huge request from our loyal players, i’ve finally decided to invent a little more than just time into this project…

We have all of our own equipment/servers/website/FDL/ect. great admin’s and content, but there is ALOT I still want to do to the game-play and overall experience. Perhaps eventually into it’s own gamemode/mod… probably not…

Most ideas require code modification of addons we’ve already downloaded.

Improvements such as:

-More interactive shop NPC’s (haven’t started yet)
-Custom Player and weapon models… (Many tumor’s spent trying to fix resource.lua)
-Wepaon/Swep adjustments and modification
-Map Modification (zombiesurvival_b11)
-Coding our inventory system

PM me for the server ip if you would like to see the server thus far and meet the admins.
Please be inventive, dedicated, efficient, and trustworthy. Again, 18 or older, unless your really serious. I might make an exception to support our young programmers.

Thanks for your consideration,


I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment, but i’m sure i could come check it out and see if i can help in any way.

steam: thebamfordz

Hey! I don’t have much to offer :frowning: Anways I know these basicly

-[Advance SWEP]
-Derma [Most GUIs]
-Learning HUD [Making One Soon]

Add Me Here:

[Willing to test VGUIs/Scripts/Etc On The Server [Gamemode Coming Soon {BountyRP}]


Add me on steam. I might help you cause I sadly can’t have my own server(slow pc, kinda poor) so this will be a great chance. I have a gamemode that needs a little fixing and then it can go on the server.
Also to clear something up; don’t add me for DarkRP!