Looking for a great Garry's Mod host

I’ve tried a few so far and they’ve all had their faults, I’m looking for a host that has decent performance and no random downtimes. I usually host myself but my box is under repairs and I’m looking to host until I get it fixed and sorted out. I’ve tried Xenon Servers and while they have all these neat control panel features the actual server performance was totally unpredictable, it could be fine one minute and unplayable the next. I also tried Phoenixerve, which was pretty much exactly the same. Another one I tried was Vilayer, which had awesome actual performance but the server constantly went down and they wouldn’t explain to me why (except the one time it was getting a DDoS attack).

I was looking at nfoservers but I’m torn as to whether or not they’re just another low quality host, I’m starting to think there aren’t any good ones left.

Sorry to hear about Vilayer. But I’ve heard some things about ElpisHost?

Thanks for the recommendation Zeriga. Disco, if you want to give me a chance I can give you the first month for free so you can make up your mind.

ElpisHost, all the way. My old host charged me $17.99 a month for a mediocre service, and took days to respond to my support tickets. When I switched over to Elpis I was skeptical, but their servers have almost no lag whatsoever, and the support tickets, don’t even get me started on those. I swear, there’s someone waiting on the other side and immediately springs into action whenever a ticket is created. All of my tickets were responded to within the hour, most within 30 minutes or less.

That would be great, I’d like to be able to actually know how the host runs rather than just jumping in blind. Should I shoot you a PM or what?

Yup, please do and I’ll get this setup for you.

I’ve been with NFOservers for awhile, the quality of the servers along with the support are both great, but a bit expensive. If you don’t feel like spending that much, you might want to try out ElpisHost first.

I don’t understand why they charge so much money - I could actually lower my prices and still make a somewhat decent profit off each node.

Because profit. LOTS of profit.