Looking for a Group/Clan to play with.

Hi Facepunch.

i am using this way to find a Group or even a Clan to Play with. I found it Difficult to build up alone on populated Servers with 20+ Active players. So i recently switched to PVE so i can atleast enjoy the Game a bit.

Things you might want/should know about me:

I am 20 Years old(turning 21 on April 1st (i know april´s fools, right?) and im from Germany. My English isnt perfect but it will serve good for communication purposes and im not afraid to play with people from around Europe.

I would expect that most of your Group is atleast 18+ or mature enough to play with a bit of ambition and take things serious. i know its a game but in games like this…fun comes with sucess.

I played on PVP servers where i gathered around 180 ingame Hours but on recent servers with another group we gave the Building task to only one guy and ended up getting raided where the attackers built simply a bunch of ramps up to our storage and 4c4 to get in.

I hope to play on a EU Server with you guys that hasnt more than 50 Slots because the Map just isnt big enough to hold more players than that.

Best way to get in touch with me is via Steam or Skype.
Steam: Jillain
Skype: w3rd0ner

Looking forward to hear from ya´ll!


Doing the same thing here good luck



check us out http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1342254 might be what you needed

Hello Jillain,

I’m also looking for a clan to play with. I play on EU servers and I’m 18+. My English is good enough, so communication won’t be a problem. I’m kinda ‘noob’ at this game but it is really fun. PVP is really tough that is why I’m looking for some one to play with :slight_smile:

Looking forward to play with you :).

Steam id: Ali A.


Thnx Hector. I´ll have a look.

Same here

I play Rust with around 5 friends but unfortunately, they aren’t very regular players and end up doing their own thing.

Would be nice to get something going :slight_smile:

hey Jillain and everyone

am admin on a good server we just updated the server to 100man.and will be getting mods on the server as well.

have a look at our steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UnKiGa and we have a open teamspeak as well

ip to the server is net.connect everyone welcome

I think the idea is to create a clan/group and play on another server where no players are admins.

I personally wouldn’t want to get into a group/clan if one of the members are an administrator. Ruins the objective.

good luck :smile:


UKG are looking for members. http://www.ukg.shivtr.com

we have ts3.

your more than welcome to come on ts and chat with the UKG guys and see what you think.