Looking for a group of players to join.

Hey guys, I’m looking for a group to join and work together with in a server. Preferably a non-sleeper server since I really don’t like that addition but that’s not set in stone of I find a group good enough. I’m just tired of playing alone and looking for a good group to play with and work with. Thanks for the time.


Add me on Steam - PlatinumX. We have a great group of guys and on a server that I am the admin of. Sleepers are on though.

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Server is

I sent a request to the one on your profile here since there are several PlatinumX names on steam. Mine is LockNesTom. Profile pic of Admiral Hackett.

You’re welcome to add me on steam as well here.

Me and 3 of my friends already play semi-regularly (usually using skype) and you’re welcome to join us.