Looking for a group/team - no noobs

Hey folks, my name is Zezztah and I’m currently looking for some skilled people who’ve played rust for a long time.
I’m looking for teammates due that I’ve come back to rust now with these new updates, I played this game ALOT this summer. And after a big raid we made my group randomly disbanded and everyone went seperate ways, so did I.
I stopped playing rust for probably 2-3 month, then I saw that they made a couple of updates, alot of things changed and then it came to steam which made me come back to it. My old group still plays the game but I don’t feel to join them because I know how they act.

I’m looking for some good guys, which atleast got 70h+ game time. PVP skilled and acts quickly.
I don’t want any lazy guys who waits for other to get stuff to them. I’m currently searching for a good modded server (Instacraft) that we could play on.
We all WILL need a mic and teamspeak because I ain’t gonna sit in skype since it’s going to be annoying if we’re a big group - so ts and a microphone is a must!
We will all join a server togheter, I’m not playing on any server atm. So we’ll join a server togheter, act quick to get up a decent base fast.
We will join a modded server, prefered instacraft and sleeper on.

So heres some info about me -
I’m 15 years old.
I’ve been playing this game since the beginning of the summer 2013.
I got about 60 hours on steam, but I’m 100% sure that I got atleast 300-450 hours when you played this game on the web.
I’m swedish.
So theres some shit about me.

So add me on steam if you’re interested, just search for Zezztah and you’ll find me.

So to be available to join you need teamspeak, a microphone.
You need to be pretty good at this game, be available to communicate with each other.
Age doesn’t matter, but please act mature and don’t spam, have a decent mic that doesn’t sounds like it got buttfucked. (no squeakers)
If you’re lazy, and like never go out and gather stuff, you ain’t joining… ok?

So that’s it folks!
Ask in the chat if you got something in your mind.

And yes, I know a ts that we all could be in.