Looking for a group to play with?

We’re looking for people who are interested in joining a group on Rust, at the moment its just me and a friend, we have been playing for quite a few months and are quite experienced, although as many of you know playing with more people makes it more enjoyable!

We play daily for at least a few hours, looking for people who can play on a similar schedule. We’re both from the UK so EU players are preferred for the time zone. Any skill level is welcome provided you are active!

Anyone who is interested feel free to add me on steam: Tfgreenacre. We usually play on the Haven server but we’re open to changing.

What times (in your timezone) do you plan to play? I’m interested in joining, but I don’t know if it conflicts with my work.

We play usually 17:00-18:00 onwards, so 18:00-19:00 european

Assuming you’re using GMT/UTC (I’m EST/UTC-5), I should be able to play around that time.

I will add you on steam if you do not mind. I am US EAST but stay up late usually.