Looking for a group!

Hey guys, I don’t really post much on the facepunch forums but I’ve been playing solo for the past few days and I’m finding it pretty boring alone. Since I’ve seen a few other people posting similar topics, I thought I may aswell post one too.

I am 16 years old, however I am very mature for my age and I am not a squeaker by any means. I can communicate fairly well in a group and have quite a good amount of time to play Rust. I play at least 4 hours a day and a lot of the weekend, I can use skype, ts3, mumble, most voice comms basically. I live in the UK and would of course prefer if you guys did too. I know most of the map and some of the best spots for resources. I don’t use hacks and try be as legitimate as possible, meaning no exploits or bugs used. I would consider myself fairly decent at combat and pretty good at resource gathering. If you guys would want me in your group, reply here with steam/skype profiles or a website of your community.

Hey man ive been looking for a group as well in Rust and i would love to team up with you if you want to team up with me. I am 15 years old and i am from U.S i know i dont live in UK but hey why not try to partner up anyway :D. I do have skype and i am willing to skype. I am also a good resource gatherer and i can get a pistol quite fast as i got lucky in a radiated area and i got some nice loot but i died since i dont have a partner helping me out haha. Anyway PM me if your interested!

You’ll need to turn on private messaging first. Press the small wrench at the top right of the site, then press general settings and enable private messaging.