Looking for a guild/clan to fight against 25+

We currently run a hacker free 24/7 admin pvp server, the problem we face is a good opponent, our guild consists of 25-35 players and we are looking to go against another clan sized approximately that on our server or yours.

Our server is currently 100man.

Looking for a clean fair fight.

Message me here or go to our boards at www.lordsofdeath.com for any info plz.

No large guilds?

I run with 4 and we wouldnt mind going against anyone but 25 to 35 might be a bit much for us right now lol

Well atm, all 25 of us broke down to single teams, so its essentially a FFA . But it would be great to either get a large group or a bunch of smaller teams together to battle it out.

We are also thinking about doing a $ real money prize to the winner, we will obviously host the cash.

We don’t have that many active rust players. But we are trying to get more people on our server. You’re welcome to join us…

net.connect rust.DeviousOldGamers.com:28045

Yo Holden.

KGB Donkleaps here.

We currently run our own server where we run arena events and we are also looking for some other good guilds to play with/against.

Drop me a line on here or hop over to
The KGB Rust server.