Looking for a HL2RP Clockwork Coder

Hi, I’d like to setup a HL2RP server with some friends of mine, but we have one problem, we need a coder. If you are a coder familiar with the HL2RP Clockwork code etc, please contact me via Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038364336/ <<My profile, if you could add me as a friend and talk to me about how you could help us out, that would be great.

If you would also want to be our buyer or know someone who does, please inform me about that too, it will help us out a lot, thanks.


Clockwork isn’t even out?

No, it’s not, but it’s scripts are similar to the OA script. Coders shouldn’t have a problem with this.

As far as i am concerned, didn’t Alex Grist put a Creative Common license on Clockwork? (And according to him, the “C” and “W” letters for “CW”.? )

Basic things you canStill available?

You can still edit the script, just not redistribute, and/or claiming its yours. And Clockwork isn’t out and will be out when its out.

According to Alex Grist, i could not even have “C” or “W” in my server’s gamemode name.

Because you are trying to make it look like it’s Clockwork.